Propel your Business: Top 3 Reasons to create a compelling Corporate Video Production

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Propel your Business: Top 3 Reasons to create a compelling Corporate Video Production

Technology has certainly changed the face of marketing in business today. Familia Folks Productions, a Full Services Corporate Video Production Services and Film Company based in San Clemente, CA has been on the cutting edge of video production trends for businesses. The founders of Familia Folks Productions, Bill and Haley Londen have focused in on the top 3 reasons to give your business a voice via video production.

Take Your Message Beyond the Page: Online video production grabs attention in a much easier fashion than traditional print. As important as reading is, corporate video production is simply more fun and allows the viewer to relax into your company’s message. People enjoy watching video productions as it often doesn’t feel like effort, whereas reading can at times feel like actual work. One thing that video production achieves beautifully is offering the viewer control of the pace of absorbing content. This leads to better success rates in retention of the information and a better understanding of brand messaging.

Bring your Brand Alive: What makes video production so special is that it combines visuals with audio, simulating a real-life experience. Corporate video production will help potential consumers to feel as though they have experienced a product even if they’ve yet to buy it. Out of all the different ways to build a brand, video production is the most powerful. The production techniques create triggers that will allow potential consumers to associate your brand with other images that stick within their memory. Another advantage to corporate video production is the opportunity to create a specific mood and intensity by including music. Utilizing the right scores will absolutely have your brand come alive!

Creative Call-to-Action: An effective corporate video production marketing campaign should end with a strong call-to-action statement. Don’t forget, creativity will take your call-to-action to a whole new level. Whoever is voicing for your video should be directing the viewer to visit the website, and to learn more information about the brand and product. If your message is well executed, then it can lead to countless conversions. Remember, many consumers utilize the Internet to do their own research and avoid hard sales pitches. You can bring some heart to your corporate video production call-to-action by using authentic scripting and really leaning into your creative.

Looking for some expert support with you next corporate video production? Feel invited to reach out to Bill and Haley Londen for a conversation about your upcoming project!

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